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Welcome to Whitlock Productions!  

Welcome to Whitlock Productions!  I am  so glad you are  here!   


Whether you are  just starting out in real estate or have been in the industry for years I have created the perfect products to help you make more money, sell homes faster and free up your time to focus on other areas of your life or business! 


Want To Know The "Top 5 Mistakes That Realtors® Make...That Costs Them Money!"

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Isn't It Nice To Have A Team In Your Corner that You Can Trust To Help You Make More Money While Growing Your Business!!!

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50 years of


How do I make more money with less hassle?


How can I get more client referrals & be the "go to" Realtor® in my area?


How can I focus on growing my business when I am running around constantly?


How can I sell my client's homes faster and for more money?


How an I set my self apart from other Real Estate agents ?



Let Me Start This By Saying..

"Your Different, We Are Different...

We Are In This Together!"

Let me start this by saying…Your Different...We Are different...We are in this together!   I have been a Realtor® & I know the struggle to find dependable, reputable photographers & videographers who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure not only the home looks good.... but the Real Estate Agent as well.​

A lot of people have asked me why I choose to start a Real Estate Production & Photography Company.  As an ex-military brat & a kid who moved a ton… I absolutely loved trying on “new homes” for size.  For years... it seemed that we were slowly crawling our way up the housing ladder and every home we built was better and better than the last.  My mom was an ambitious go-getter in the construction department & my dad was always willing to build any crazy house design that my mom would draft up. 

She would draw, he would build and my sister & I would help.


With that sort of upbringing, it would be hard to imagine my life without having a huge stake in the real estate department.

Now fast forward to 7 years ago...


I have a cute little Schnoodle named Zoe, I am an active Real Estate Agent and oh…. I am also in the middle of moving for the 17 time in my life. 


But I am an expert at that.

Enter Brad.

He is the yang to my yin.  A true tech nerd to my creative genius… and one day while we were pondering the meaning of life with a fellow Real Estate Agent…she said


"Why don’t you open up a full service marketing & photography company for Realtors®?"


 We looked at each other and we both knew it was the perfect match and….


Whitlock Productions was born.  


A multi-dimensional approach to creating marketing materials For Realtors® by A Realtor®


From Photography, Videography, Drone Work to Live Streaming... we strive to learn about the best practices in photography and marketing so our clients can spend their time & energy doing the hard work of serving their clients.   


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We are just two fun-loving photography and media geniuses that love to help other people get ahead!

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What People Are Saying About Us!

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Staci Boyle, Closing Coordinator with Ashley Hannah Realtor

Jennifer is amazing...hands down!!! She shoots all of our listings from still photos, to walk through videos, to drone shots and they all come out looking like a million bucks! If you need a real estate photographer, give her a call :)

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Karley Reed, Creative Brand Manager, Ivester Jackson

Jennifer produced some very high quality images of one of our agent's listings and the photos turned out gorgeous! Great variety of shots that included interiors, exteriors, and twilight shots. When I asked her to adjust the saturation on a few for our unique print purposes, she was very responsive and made the edits quickly. Great real estate photographer who I would highly recommend!

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Vicki Radcliff, Seller

Whitlock Productions is such an amazing company to work with. The quality of the pictures and the drone video they produce are beautiful. I love the attention to the detail that they give, waiting patiently for 2 hours for the perfect sunset shot. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to place their home on the market, or any professional pictures or videos needing to be taken. Thank you again for your help selling our home.

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