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Social Media Marketing & Real Estate 101- Know the Statistics

With the recent global pandemic more people have turned to social media to connect with one another. Did you know that people on average are spending 2 hours and 32 minutes daily on various social media platforms. That is a lot of time! It is no wonder that companies are turning to "influencers" and other strategic marketing plans aimed at social media direction to influence consumer decisions. While millennials are by far the biggest users of social media.... here are some interesting facts.

People aged...

16-29 spend approximately 3 hours a day on social media

45-54 spend approximately 1 hour and 39 minutes every day on social media.

With all this time on social media what platforms are they on?

The average person spends

44 minutes on YouTube.

My thoughts: This really surprised me as I thought for sure Facebook would take the win. YouTube's focus on long form video is an untapped market for Realtors who want to grow a following and possibly monetize. The format is perfect for developing a brand and personality.

35 minutes on Facebook

My thoughts: I think this platform is dying slowly. It is definitely not a popular platform among younger millennials who prefer quick content and prefer to be entertained but it is pretty popular with Gen Xers and Boomers. It is great for developing friendships and followings as long as you avoid the political pitfalls that so many of us have fallen prey to...especially during the pandemic.

33 minutes on Instagram

My thoughts: This platform is popular with millennials who love pics and short form video content The reels on Instagram is also growing and is a fun way to add content without the commitment of a fixed post. I highly recommend linking your Facebook and Instagram together so that you do not need to "double" your work. You can also put your Tik Toc reels in the story feature of Instagram or add them as new posts.

32 minutes on Tik Tok

My thoughts: Tik Tok is the fastest growing platform currently. Especially popular with younger millennials this platform is known for its short form videos and is used as a way of entertainment. It is great for connecting with the younger generations and makes fun "videos".

10 minutes on Twitter

My thoughts: Twitter uses short sentences to convey quick information. This is a great platform if you just want to say something quick but...on the whole is dying out to the platforms that use photo/video combinations. I would personally not commit a lot of time into this platform or would disregard it completely as part of my marketing plan for real estate.

What do you think about the future of social media in real estate? Comment below.

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