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3 Reasons To Invest in A Professional Real Estate Headshot

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In a world dominated by social media & websites as marketing your visual message is more important than ever to gaining success in the real estate world. So let’s jump into the top 5 reasons to consider hiring a professional when taking your next headshot.

#1. You do not get the chance to make another first impression.

Did you know that according to a study done in 2012 in a series of experiments done by Janine Willis & Alexander Todrov that it takes exactly 1/10th of a second to make a first impression? With the internet being the first point of contact for many of your customers it is more important now more than ever to make sure your visual voice resonates with your message quickly & effectively. Out of date photos & selfies show that you do not care about how you represent yourself to the world. Why would a client trust you & your business to market their most valuable real estate asset?

#2. You want to be competitive & stand out in your market.

Professional headshots are not an option if you want to really be noticed in your field. When scrolling through the agent page on a real estate agency’s website… which agents are you most likely to work with or contact? Agents with selfies or those with professional imagery? Hands- down I bet you said those with professional images. Even if an agent wants to have a more casual brand image…high-quality imagery is even more paramount so that your brand does not appear sloppy or misguided.

#3. You want to build consumer confidence from the get-go.

Your professional image is a representation of how you treat your business and in turn your clients. People want to do business with people who care. Putting a professional image as the first impression shows that you are willing to put the work into representing their home and your business in the best light. While a cropped picture of you and your dog on a nature trail may make you more “relatable” those pictures should be saved for social media posts or an “About” page. You are the face of your business and putting mismatched pictures as your brand message only confuses potential customers.

While taking your own headshot may seem like saving money it is costing you money in the long run. A well-taken headshot can last several years and is the main & most important piece of advertising you will use again and again. From your business cards to signs & other marketing materials your headshot should be the primary image you use. For that reason, it is important to pick a reputable headshot photographer who understands your brand & offers high-end retouching to make sure your picture looks clean & polished.

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